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Jan 13, 2001
Any one ever try one? I am almost crazy enough to try one but i dont know any way of practicing doing one or what to expect when i land. Any tips on this would be appreciated.



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Nov 12, 1999
i would suggest you go to the nearest dealer and buy every piece of body protection that you can buy. Then if you really REALLY have to then take those hands off the bars and land your machine........

like i told my 5 year old......they are there for a reason!@

course he ran smack into the building tonight so i guess he needs to learn to turn.
(by the way he is fine)

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Dec 12, 2000
I was thinking about this also. I never got a chance to try it out but what i was thinking of doing is to hold the grips loosely to see how much i need to hold on when i land. Then when i get comfortable, take my hands off the bar and hover them about an inch over the grips, that way when i land if the bar starts to turn one way or another i can grab it quick. After i get used to that i just work my way up....

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Jan 17, 2001
And exactly how much do you value your life?? I know it looks cool but, do you really need to risk that much injury?



Jun 20, 2000
Casper 250 has the right idea. I also got a little crazy on my practice track out back and decided to try one. Here is my advice. Pick a jump where the landing is very smooth. As casper said, start out with your hands hovering over the bars and then slowly work your way up. Also, be careful not to have your right foot too far forward or when you land you will stomp on the rear brake (came pretty close to eatin dirt that way). Do not forget to squeez the tank with your legs either. Other than that all I can say is good luck!

OH and if you have a steering damper I highly recomend to USE IT! :confused:


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Apr 12, 2001
I've done them before. BUT!!! the jump i did them on was only about a 50ft. table with a perfect landing and I'd jumped it about a million times before. I started by holding my bars loose then hovering my hands then a little higher till I could do them. Can't do them now they lengthened the jump.
Always graabed them quick after I landed worried about hitting something after the jump and jerking my front wheel. PLUS a couple of my friends did it before me. Let Mikey do it (-:


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Oct 9, 2000
I've never done one but I would try it first on a small jump with an easy landing. That way you're not trying it on a 50 ft jump for the first time. And I would follow the advice of Casper and ktmrider. JMHO



Aug 28, 2000
I haven't done one on a dirt bike (are you crazy? I just bought the bike October 22), but I do them on horseback over jumps almost every time I ride (6x a week). So...I hope this will help.

Start over comfortable (little) jumps, of course, but try only letting go of only ONE hand. Like someone also said, you could also start by hovering both hands over the grips. I'd personally start with one hand (prolly hovering over the grips), and then work my way up.

I experienced that you have a GREAT tendacy to lean backward and bump into the seat. But, this may be inapplicable to dirt bikes b/c with horses you have to take-off without hands, and, in my case, without stirrups either...going over a 3'3"H x 3'W fan-oxer jump, which is fairly large for horses (thats like no hands AND no foot pegs jumping 10' high straight-up...VERY TOUGH!). With that, you MUST keep your center of gravity directly over the horse's; otherwise, you'll be enjoying the taste of me ;)

I'd imagine that it would be the same with dirt bikes and you have to stay with the center of gravity on the bike or you won't stay on it.

So, there you have my two cents at your disposal. Keep practicing, whatever method you choose. It'll help you become a better rider, I bet. Sorry if I rambled abour horses for a moment!


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Feb 24, 2001
Well me and my brother used to do this about 2 yrs ago. We kinda started by just going all out. I started doing it after his first attempt. He didn't crash so then i went for it. I didn't have my hands in the air like i just made a field goal, but more at a 45° angle. I kinda sat on the bike at the same time it landed. You can also do this standing, but it felt better to sit 4 me. I was doing all this on a pretty fair table top. You shouldn't be doing it off a double or somewhere where its not smooth. I noticed that you have to have good body control. Cuz one time when i did it, by bike was drifting to the side of the landing (where its really bumpy) i used my buddy to stear it back instead of my hands, i have no idea why i didn't put them back. But i suggest not trying it. Even though i did it a lot of times and never crashed i don't do them no more. I kinda realized that i rather ride for a month then get hurt off of something that takes 3 secs. Just my 2 cents.

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