Aug 21, 2000
... and ~20 of my friends...

It seems as if the CPR Police are from now on, going to be patrolling their property. Well, there is a public trail that follows the tracks pretty much threw the outskirts of this little town.

Without access to these trails, there is no way I can ride, anywhere until I have my full drivers license, or have my bike ready to ride, legally, on a highway with my bike license (which I still can't get for awhile).

This is rediculous, if you ask me.

Also, how nice of them to talk about what age your kid should start dirtbiking, seems as if it was added to make them not look like such %%%holes.

It almost makes me want to go out and roost everything I can, but I that'd just make it look worse.

link to the article here (72kb)

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Jeff Allen

Sep 23, 1999
I'm not sure what the "CPR police" are but maybe you can ask the land owners and get permission if you "walk" your bikes through their property to gain access to your riding spots.
Might work, never know until you try.

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Aug 13, 1999
I would suggest going in and talking to the trackmaster. Explain to him that you will ride responsibly and help keep on eye on activity in the area. Tell him why you ride, something to do and you learn about responsibility for the land and maintaining your bike.......

Sit down and come up with some good information and some benefits for you being allowed to ride. It may just get you back on track (so to speak). ;)

I have negotiated with a local paper company that owns thousands of acres next to mine for riding, woodcutting and other access rights. Part of the deal is I keep a watch on their property and I keep the word out to others that if the place is not respected, it will be CLOSED! It has worked well so far.


Jan 6, 2001
You also might want to look at it from thier side.
They need to keep ALL the locals happy, and then there's the big one.

If you got hurt or killed on RR property, your parents could sue for up to millions.. I'm not saying they would, but they could.

The railroad is watching out for it's own behind. The part that sux is that you are the one who will loose out on the short term.


Jan 17, 2001
Good post bbbom. I'd bet if you periodically sent them a thank you letter and some reports on the property you will have an even better relationship with the land owner.

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