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Feb 8, 2000
Who's had what results with the many brands of o-ring chains out there? I'd like to replace the stock chain on my '99 200 before the sprockets wear. I hear that a good o-ring chain is the way to go.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
IMO most brands will work great.

In my experience, RK chains last a long time but they have more drag than some of the others. Can't notice it on the trail, just when you spin the wheel with the bike on the stand.

I'm on my first DID X-ring chain (like o-ring but different shaped little rubber rings) and it is similar in price to an o-ring, but is supposed to keep dirt out better. Can't say how long it will last, but it doesn't seem to have excessive drag and my buddies have liked theirs.

Have also used a top of the line Regina O-ring - very expensive but less drag than a normal o-ring. Not worth the money IMO unless you are a serious racer.

Most name brands will work great.

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Jan 6, 2001
Diddo on the RK.

Basically, anything other than the crap it comes with stock is an improvement.

When I bought my 99' 200, I adjusted the chain 3 times when breaking it in, in less than 70 miles.

I threw a RK O-ring on and have adjusted 5 times since.

Let's see... November of 1998 to March of 2001.... Not bad, in my book.

Of course, I did break my leg in the spring of 1999, but had that fall and all of last year.

If I remember right, I paid $48 for the RK O-ring chain. Not to sound like an old Nike ad, but just do it.

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Dec 10, 2000
DirtBikeDave, I have to disagree with you on questioning if the Regina is worth the money, it definitely is! I put one on my bike in January of 2000. I have at least 20 6+hour, 50-70 mile rides on it since then, and I have moved my snail adjusters 1 notch so far. At this rate, I may never have to buy another chain for this bike :D.

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Jan 8, 2000
I am running the SideWinder Stainless 50T which I changed over two Seasons ago I wore out the front sprocket and the Winner O-ring chain I bought with the Sprocket Maybe half way through last Season I bought a DID X-ring and adjusted it once since then after maybe seven rides. I ride at least one 35-40 mile single track ride a week in usually mud all year round. Unless there is fresh powder in the Mountains.. not this year though so I have been riding just about every weekend.

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joe woj

Oct 29, 1999
i like the DID X-ring chain, both my brother and i run them on our KDX's and they are more than a year old and are still in great shape, i only had to adjust it once in all that time, and thats doing some pretty good jumping and riding, if i have to buy another chain ill go with the X-ring again.


Nov 18, 2000
I've had good luck with the x-ring chain on my KDX200. It's still in good shape after half a season. I've had bad experiences with the regina o-ring on my CR250. I bought it because it was gold to match my wheels (spare me the comments). It was expensive as were the renthal sprockets that I got with it. Both wore out in one season. I didn't learn and bought the same set up again and it's about done after one season. I've had good luck on the CR with a Tsubaki o-ring chain, but I'll probably try the x-ring on it as well.

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