Nov 30, 2002
Hey Tree, if your reading this you were right about the dam heat! I went to Ocotillo wells (I have never been there before). I was bored and decided to drive on the Interstate 8 east to Plaster city so I can see what it looks like out there. Man, I saw some beautiful stuff out there, now I know why everyone likes going out there to ride!! It is definitley worth the drive but can be costly. It was hotter than **** out there!!!!!! I think it was something like 110F or hotter!!!!! I can't wait to go ride out there with my CRF450!!!


Aug 26, 2000
About one more month and it will be fine. I 'm thinking of planning a trip Oct 18/19 weekend but I'll put it in the ride forum when it gets a little closer. Did you just cruise out to the plaster city area or did you go all the way to Ocotillo Wells? Those are two different areas with similar riding terrain. And there is also the superstition area that's just north of plaster city. I usually camp at the desert (including the dunes at Gordon's Well) about once a month during the fall/winter/spring months. The 450f should be perfect for the desert.

Also, you probably should be posting in the So. Cal forum if you're posting about a specific area and save the general forum for broader based topics. But then again it's fun to tell the east coasters and midwesterners how good the riding was in Dec., while they're covered in snow. :laugh:
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