Aug 11, 1999
Ok, I had a solid hour of racing on a track with many off-camber corners. The dirt was grass, then loose/powdery topsoil.

Elbow's up, weight on outside peg -- anything else I should or shouldn't be doing?

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Dec 10, 2000
I use the outside peg to push my knee hard against the tank, slide my butt to the inside edge of the seat, and hold my inside foot nearly at the fender. I also try to keep the bike as close to verticle as possible, using the bars to steer the bike through the turn. If I can do off-cambers with the dinosaur (read: clumsy and heavy :eek: ) that I ride like this, anybody can.

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Aug 6, 2000
I like off cambers, I take my inside foot off the peg so all the weight is on the out side peg and I put my inside foot to the front of the bike (keep that sightly bent), and stay crouched but still standing and leaning to the outside. I learned this on a all by accident when I was blasting through a trail.


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Aug 8, 1999
If you lean the bike into the camber with your weight outside as described, then the bike will be able to track across or up the camber. If you don't lean it, then the bike will try to go down the hill.

Sounds screwy at first, like you are decreasing the contact patch between the tire and the ground, but if you don't lean it into the hill it will continually try to follow the camber down the hill.


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