Apr 28, 2007
Hey Old Guy.

Well, 16 year old "you'll never get me on your motorcycle" girl must have taken Spider's 3rd times the charm rule to heart.

I am happy to report (I think?) there is one more licensed (car) driver in our house. :cool:

After strike two, I tried to get "Idont'playinthedirtdad" to take her... so I wouldn't have to deal with the possible tears of a "strike three"... but No Go.

Off we went at 8:00 a.m., on the first day of summer vacation.
I hate to think the tone that might have been set for the next three months if this had turned out differently.

We did the "now becoming routine" post exam huddle up... I had gotten "the look" by 16...and although the tears weren't flowing, thought the worst. Like you, we were assuming the huddle up to not be a good thing... but finally, about half way thru, the examiner said "oh, don't worry, you passed" then finished giving 16 the lecture on stop signs and safety (telling her the same thing I've been saying for 6 months incidentally.)

16 Gave the lady the biggest hug....

The only issue I had with the examiner was when she looked me over and said "well your mom's been around for a hundred years"... :rotfl: She made up for it though when she told 16 she should listen to me more... because "I know what I'm talking about".

(Sincerely: All in all the dmv folks were very professional and gave very appropriate and kind feedback. Great folks.)


Always Broken
Dec 26, 1999
Hard to believe the relief it's over and they are licensed vs the dam where are they at with the car and are they OK feelings.
She should do just fine and now you can enjoy your new found freedom from having your own car (at least if your car has any cool value)
Tell her congrats and to play it safe
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