May 7, 1999
Galena, IL
Many participants who used Paypal did not complete and submit the DW'01 Registration form which means that we are missing information about the individual: mostly "screen names", AMA membership numbers and even names of riding companions..... Some of you paid for a riding friend or relative but used your own name on each form or only sent one Registration form (besides the Paypal form).... so we had to list these as "friend of" in the thread.

REMEMBER an Official Registration form has to be filled out for each paid/riding participant. This way we have the data that we need to comply with AMA rules and to provide a good (confidential) record.... don't worry your names are not provided to any third party for anything. BTW we prefer to use your screen names, not your real names in the DW'01 sign up thread.

THEREFORE, if you have used Paypal and have not sent, or are not sure that you emailed, a DW'O1 Registration form, please do so now to my email address: pokie@dirtrider.net.... (I promise not to list your name more than once!)

No, no form is required for non-riding companions.... but do list companions in the email or on the form (if mailed); we do want to know how many people to expect.

Thanks for your cooperation in this red-tape stuff


Dec 31, 1969
I'll add this:
For some reason the form stoped working on the 17th.... it may have appeared that all was well when you filled it out, however it was not actually sending the info to Pokie and I. Thanks to Speedy, I found the problem and fixed it.


The form is here: http://dirtrider.net/mwsf/confirmsf.html

This is the form you were taken to AFTER doing the paypal transaction. Understand that we DID get the paypal transaction, but it does not include all of the info we need, thus the form :) ....


Dec 7, 2000
I did not use Paypal, I mailed a check and form. But I only filled out 1 form for myself and my son Thumper_994. I noticed that he is listed as friend of in the list also. Will I need to fill a form out for him also even if his screen name and AMA # is on the same form as mine?

Thanks Bill


May 7, 1999
Galena, IL
KyKTM and Oldguy..... names are fixed.

...was tempted to change Trudy to "yesmaaam"... but I cast away the temptation...



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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Well, as long as you're at it Pokie, my husband is listed as "Dave K" right below my name. He actually posts occasionally as "OffRoadWarrior". You should have separate registration forms for us.

Thanks! :)

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