Mr. Atlas
Jul 28, 2000
While browsing through my local paper this morning, I came across an blurb about a new PETA bilboard ad they're getting ready to run. I coudln't believe it, so I had to check for myself. What I saw made me sick (see below). I often wonder if what they're doing isn't actually backfiring on themselves. I know they took a lot of heat for the "Got Prostate Cancer" ad the did a while back featuring New York City Mayor Guiliani.

What a disgusting, vile, misguided bunch of liberal freaks. In case you're in the dark, they're referring to the 8 year old boy who had his arm bitten off recently in Florida.:( :( :( :(


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Baked Spud
Jan 1, 2001
Nothin' but a bunch of GD vultures IMOP. And vultures DO eat meat, but it's road kill.

I saw this bumper sticker a few years ago "Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Meat". My first thought was "yeah, they just let 'em suck on it."

I hope all of 'em get eaten by cannibals.


Mar 29, 2001
the 8 yr. old shark victim- truth?

just referring to the 8 yr. old, and thought maybe you might want to know the cold hard truth about what REALLY happened. if you don't know already.
anyays, some info. There is a reason that the "hero" of the attack that wrestled that 7 foot shark to shore is not giving any interviews, and is hard to find. There is a reason that this 7 foot shark was in 2 feet of water, and there is a reason that the family is "acting funny" about taking money from those that want to help.
Fact is, is that the Uncle that had "wrestled" the shark to shore was fishing for sharks, had it on a line and had been fighting it for two hours plus. Fact, indeed.The unidentified stranger that helped him also helped him fight the fish
to shore. When the shark got into two feet of water, the kids all ran into
the water in jubilation and the shark lunged from off the ground and hit
Jessie Arbogast twice, took his arm off and bit into his leg!!! The
man had CHUM in the water, and heavy tackle built to fish for sharks.
His nephew got bit because the entire family went into the water trying to
wrestle the fish to land. There is big money on a shark that size.
The press has suppressed the real truth, because they are afraid that it
will effect the contributions for Jessie and the uncle is so filled with
guilt, he has tried to commit suicide once already....

Now it all makes sense. No man is going to wrestle a shark that large
to shore in two feet of water, that is one powerful animal, and they had
cut the cable, and hid the rods by the time the Medic's got there.
The ranger that shot the shark testified that the shark still had the
hook in his mouth and "put up a big fight because his mouth was all
bloody and torn up"....
That is why the shark had blood all over it's mouth in the TV photo's, it
was it's own blood !!
> I am not lessening the horror of the event. He did get his arm bit off, but don't you just get so tired of the media lying? I don't know if his Uncle trying to commit suicide is true or not, but i know the rest is.


Apprentice Goon
Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
So what if he was shark fishing? If it's big money, I say go for it. Sad a kid got hurt but, please...I really don't think anything that family does, or says, or has done, is anyones business but theirs.
Tragedies happen. Some find ways to benefit from the pain of others.

As for PETA....that organizations methods are quite underhanded. But, I'm sure that most of its followers are quite ignorant fools. Most of them believe that the organization is a rightious, looking out for my fellow mans health, type of thing. Ha! The joke is on them... PETA, as well as others like the Sierra Club, have different agendas. Their agenda consists of growing the government and placing government regulations and restrictions on us. And for what reason? POWER. The political factions that back these orginazations use the same tactics to gain constituants. They too throw out some sort of bull and hope like heck we swallow it, because they have no real meat to offer.
The sad part is, eco whacko groups, and politicians, and rags that print incorrect drivel, ALL need your ignorance. They depend on your stupidity. From the looks of things these days, they are getting all they want.:(


Sep 22, 2000
Such drivel---

PETA implies with that ad that all the sharkies got together at a convention or something and polled their members about a course of action to take against humans--aka meat eaters and polluters of the world.
They must have voted on standing up against the evil humans and waging war against us.


***** freak.
May 5, 2000
Maybe they won't be so willing to defend sharks once they figure out that sharks aren't vegetarians.:silly:


May 4, 2001
I think PETA is on an all out flame-a-thon.

The last three weeks in a row, they have written letters to our local paper. The second week, their letter was bashing the ORV users in the area. I made sure to write a nice retalliation, and as you all know, I do that well :p

I think the money they are wasting on that billboard would be better spent on feeding some hungry animals at shelters... but thats just my opinion :think


Feb 4, 2001
I wrote some time back in a flame by Bundu about how a high level PETA member wanted in introduce Hoof and Mouth disease to America to prevent us from eating meat. He did not care that the animals suffer horribly and that the disease could vector off into other ruminoids such as deer and elk. All he wanted to do was control others actions and freedoms. I went to school with a former friend who was a PETA vegetarian type, the irony is that he had a leather jacket and Doc Martin's leather boots that he wore on a daily basis. Maybe we should throw red paint on these asses and tell them that leather is murder too. There are few things more annoying then hypocrites.


Nov 8, 1999

We are having the annual rib cook off here in Reno. One of the rib cooker's booths workers are all wearing these shirts, It reads:

People for the Eating of Tasty Animals,

I love it, and their ribs were great!:confused:


Feb 4, 2001
I friend of mine has a sticker on her car that says: MEAT IS YUMMY!
I saw another bumper sticker that said: IF GOD DID NOT WANT US TO EAT ANIMALS, WHY DID HE MAKE THEM OUT OF MEAT?
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