snake keeper

Aug 7, 2001
Hey y'all, Just traded my cr-250 for a KDX 220, probably the best comfort move I have ever made!! Man what a pleasure it is to ride. My question is what type of aftermarket pipe and silencer combo to put on this awesome bike. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.:) :)

Fred T

Mi. Trail Riders
Mar 23, 2001
Best bang for the buck...

Put a KG-30 rev pipe on it, keep your stock silencer, add Boyesen reeds, drill holes in the air box lid and toss the snorkel. Get the jetting sorted out. Then work on the suspension -balance the front & rear springs. (Call MX Tech for that) If after that you want to go faster consider revalving the forks and shock.

If after that you need more power then mod the engine more, port it, bore carb and change out to Weisco Piston. Then add a FMF turbine core II silencer but chances are it won't fit real nice like the stocker.
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