Aug 11, 2007
hi, i am the proud owner of a kx85 big wheel.(il get to the point). recently i have found that my clutch has been either sliiping or dragging im not sure which one. its when i put it in 1st it moves forwards even though i am fully holding in the clutch lever. i think that me and my dad have sorted that now. i have now found that when riding my gears seem to rev really high almost like being in neutral (and i no its not just the bike hitting the power band). i wish i was a mechanic so i could fix it easily but unfortunatly im not. i would appreciate it soo much if anyone could give me a few tips on how to fix it or what it is thats wrong.
thanx again in advance. by the way its a new clutch that we have had fitted already.
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Jul 4, 2006
The grooves hold the fibers and plates from seating properly. If the basket hasn't been filed on these edges yet you can get by filing it one time, BUT constant pulling in and out of the clutch slams the tabs against the basket edge. There's brand new baskets on e-bay for $159, they're aftermarket hardened ones.

It's best to replace all plates and springs when changing out basket unless it's all brand new to begin with.
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