Jan 16, 2008
I have a Pw 50 that was given to my son and the throttle cable broke, the bike is kind of old we really don't know what age it is and I want to do away with the oil pump, can anyone tell me how? Do I need to disconnect the cable from oil pump? Can I cut the cable?Everyone is telling me with the age of the bike pre-mix would be better anyhow. He (my son) is really on my back so any help would be good.
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Nov 27, 2001
the bike should run right with or without the premix. the design of the pw50 has not changed from 1982 until present and they all run fine. if you have problems its not due to the design of the oil injection. maybe a problem with the OI but its not a necessity to remove it.

you can buy the cable made to bypass the injection from paxracing.com

you actually have 3 cables now. top cable going from throttle to splitter. one from splitter to carb and one to oil injection.

you can remove the injection and block off or remove the plastic drive gear from the pump and reinsall the pump. remember to block the side of the carb so you don't suck air in the carb when your no longer using the pump.
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