Jul 25, 2000
I've had problems with the injector pump on my son's PW50 getting gummed up and the throttle becoming very sticky because of it. I cleaned it and put a little grease (very little) on the part that spins and is connected to the cable. It didn't have any grease on it the first time and I was afraid the grease might attract dirt but I thought, "It needs some kind of lube because it's sticky all the time without it." The grease loosened it right up. However, about halfway through the next ride the throttle became very sticky again. It's all gummed up and dirty again in the injector pump.

Has anybody else had similar experience with this and what did you do to fix it. I've already replaced the cable so that part is brand new. It's not the safest thing for a 4 year old to deal with a sticky throttle.


May 6, 2005
Call me crazy but I disconnected the pump side of the throttle and used premix in the gas tank. This may eliminate your problem and you'll never worry about the pump failing and blowing your engine. Our PW is still running strong this way.


Aug 14, 2004
same problem. I spary it down with wd-40 before every ride. Better safe thatn sorry. If you dont run AMA the disconnect would work. But we are going to LL so it has to stay "stock"

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