May 15, 2001
It looks like I'm going to keep my 01 250F and not get the 02. I would like to know what I should do to make sure the engine is in perfect running order. The local dealer is good but I'm looking for more than just a leakdown test. Any suggestions? I would prefer to bring the engine to somone here in SoCal but since I still have a few more weeks rehab from an injury I could send the engine away.
BTW - let me know if you find any good 19"f,16"r tires. I'm setting my TTR up to be street legal so I can slide over to my local practice track.


Super Power AssClown
Aug 24, 2000
A leak-down test is good but you should check the valve clearances and re-torque the head. The slow speed fuel screw tends to fall out of the bottom of the carb so check that periodically. Rumor has it the igniter box is different on the 02 with a dedicated starting circuit. OKIE has a new BBR kickstart lever which is easier and more effective to use. We've been selling a lot of the 2mm oversize Wiseco kits and people seem pretty happy with them, especially since its only half the price of an exhaust system!
Some other things to watch on the 01 YZ250F, crankshaft deflection. The crank journals wear and become loose in the main bearings causing vibration and noise. Thats more common on engines that are constantly overrevved.
Have fun with this excellent bike, Eric
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