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Sep 24, 2000
Ok since I wasn't able to make it to Dirtweek, the buy a bike bug has bitten. I went and looked at the 02 250 SX KTM yesterday. I'm impressed with the look, feel, and detail of the KTM. The bike looks like it would be easy to work on, i.e. basic maintenance etc. I can't believe how slim the bike feels seating on it! After doing some research here and on other boards, here are my questions.

1. I'm a long term YZ 250 rider, how does the power compare to the YZ?

2. Can the mineral fluid in the clutch be replaced with another type of fluid?

3. Is there longer clutch levers available? The stock one is to short for my taste.

4. I've seen some information about rear shocks, heim bolts, and bottom clevis shock mount breaking. Has anyone seen a rash of this happening?

5. Loctite seems to be a KTM owners best friend. Is vibration of bolts worse then on a Jap bike?

6. Lastly, the 300 MXC maybe a possible consideration also. I ride mostly MX, and some trails. I plan to race MX in the over 30 class. How does a MXC do a MX track? I'm sure the suspension would need to be redone to handle the demands of MX. Would I be better off going with the 250 SX, and breathing on the engine if needed?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!


Sawblade-Missed ya at DW!! Got to meet the rest of the Heartland Spodes, though. They put on a helluva feed last night for my trip home!:)
Now for the questions I can answer:
1. The power feels a little smoother on the MXC due to the flywheel weight. But this is good for me since I ride about 50/50 woods and track. It has incredible low-end grunt but will open up big if you want it to!
4. The lower Heim bolt mount gets rubbed by a rib on the mud flap and it can wear quite a bit. There is a guard available from Erider for $20, or, you can remove the flap and grind off the rib. I have heard from kdx220rm that they can be a problem if you neglet doing anything about it. I had a rib-sized groove in mine after about 12 rides, but I took care of it and it seems to be OK.
5. I haen't had to go too crazy with the loctite, but I do use a drop on anything that gets removed. I haven't had anything fall off except for the rider yet!
6. I've raced MX with my MXC. Love the suspensiion! I rode a 250 SX and it has a much harder "hit" to the powerband, and stiffer susp. but feels very similar to me. Same tranny, too. Personally, I think I would have been happy with either one, but I like the relative tameness of my MXC.
Hope this helps!:)


Jul 21, 1999
2. Yes, fork oil works great. Most use 5w-10w. Don't use brake fluid!
3. Yes, give erider or Mike Kruger at Cycle Zone KTM a call. Erider is a link to the left of here and Mike's toll free at 866-843-7433.
4. The problems you mention are pretty unusual. The heim joint is a fairly common item to replace. It can last for quite a while if maintained well. I run a section of old intertube ziptied over my lower shock mount/heim joint area. That helps keep the joint in good shape and stops and problems from the mud flap rubbing.
5. I don't think it's any worse. Some of the KTM's are buzzy, though. The 200 and 380 are known vibe machines although the 380 is much worse than the 200. Good point though.
6. Hard to say. Both bikes are good ones. The MXC comes with an oring chain and a lighting coil, if those are important to you. Same tranny. More lowend power on the 300 but the 250SX is suppose to be pretty fast now, too.

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