Race report HUSABERG FC 470

Aug 5, 2000
I finally took the baby Berg out last sun to race. The track is about 1.6 mile long. Narrow with table tops, uphill, downhill, etc. I kept it in the low setting since the track was a little slick. All I can really say is SUPERB JOB HUSABERG! This thing handles great. The motor had not too much nor too little power(just right for me anyway).I'll need to take it to a bigger track to really check out the upper gears. Just didn't have the room on this track for that. I could jump it with no fear. I haven't even messed with the suspension settings yet and it soaked everything up never came close to bottoming. I think it still needs some break in time. I have never had this much confidence on a machine before.If I were to get better starts I know I would have placed much better than I did. Thank you and have a nice day

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Feb 6, 2001
Nice report. I know Ryan Terlecki is has now switched to the FC470 for the 4-Stroke Nationals races and is only using the FC550 for the WORCS races. It will be interesting to see if Husaberg goes down to a 450 next year.

Mar 27, 2001
Hummmm, I have never had a Husaberg. It sounds like a good bike. Glad to hear you had a good time & thanks for the report!

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