Sep 12, 2000
I have a 00 kx 250 i put a 5.0 in the rear a year ago, i waited for the spring to break in a little before i measured, my race sag was 3 7/8 and my static sag was 1 1nch chain adjusters on the 3rd notch.I just put my 3rd set of chain and sprockets on,but decided to check my race sag race sag was 4 1/8 chain adjusters on the 3rd notch, is it possible or normal to lose a 1/4 inch race sag from the spring loosening up i don't mean the preload ring i mean just the spring getting softer. I did not gain any weight. Anyway i set it back to 3 7/8 and my static came up the same 1 inch. Guess i will check it again in mid summer.
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