Radiator troubles

Mar 3, 2001
I dropped my 520EXC down in some outrageous mud this weekend and pulled the radiator from the rubber grommets that attach it to the frame.

Has anybody had problems with this?

I’ve seen some trick guards for the radiator but have no idea who makes them. Anyone have any experience with these guards?

Jan 5, 2001
Be careful when purchasing radiator guards. Some tend to hinder air flow to the radiators which is very important to your hot running RFS.

Jul 4, 2000
Just think what would of happened to your rads if you did not have those rubber grommets.Devol, Ims , Enduro Engineering. make guards


Mar 3, 2001
Yea, I’m sure the radiator would have gotten bent up, but these were really slow set downs. Not much impact at all.

I’m concerned about airflow… I guess I might have to be the guinea pig…



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Mar 15, 2001
Well the rubber pulling out is a good thing ,if it didnt it would probably have split the radiator.
What year is your 520? If it is a 01 you have the good radiators. The 01s have a 9 core and the 00s only have 8. the 01s also have solid aluminum sides with cross bars welded in , to help with sideimpact.
I replaced the stock rads on my 00 witch aloud me to add the electric fan (STOCK PART FROM KTM) IT is not easy to add the fan to the 00s but can be done. ON the other hand it bolts right on the 01s and plugs right in to the stock wiring harness and the left radiator has the hole foe the thermostat

check the rubbers often they seem to cut easy and need to be replaced

I dont like the gards but I have had to fix or replace 5 radiators (BONEHEAD)

00 380 EXC
00 520 EXC