Jul 11, 2001
I'm having trouble getting the Acerbis Rally Pro handguards to mount securely on my Pro Tapers. I have to place the clamps that go around the bars right on the bottom bend of the bars, and it won't allow a stable mount, no matter how tight the screws.

It looks like I'll have to cut the bars 3/4 inches on each end to get the clamps down off the bend and on a straight section of the tube. That will leave the bars about 29 inches. Is that too narrow for woods riding?


Sep 11, 1999
My bars are 28.5 inches from outside of the barkbusters end to end. I know that most of the eastern boys run them at 29 or less width because of the amount of singletrack they ride. Dr. Bill was the one that got my buddy(Curtis) and I on to running the bars cut.

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