Apr 11, 2001
I went to the web site but they are still under construction. Anyone know how much it cost to get the whole carb reworked(bore and divider plate) for a 220? I am lucky enough to live in the same city as RB so I can just go down there and drop off my carb. Can't pass up an opportunity like that!

Also, what exactly is the benefit of the divider plate? I did a search and came up with this post and one other where someone recomended it.
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Sep 4, 1999
It's good to see another local kdx rider!! You can give Ron a call at 503-645-2607 his shop is at his house so he is pretty easy to catch. --Dan


May 11, 2000
JEFF FREDETTE dose not reconmend the devider plate
because you cant find the correct jet needle:scream:


Mar 6, 2001
Worked for me!

I had RB Designs do the divider plate mod. to my carb along with all the other stuff(bore size increase,slide work, fuel curcuit rework, different jets/needle, etc.,etc.) that Ron does and it was a good mod. I have a 240 motor with a Gnarly torque pipe and PC S/A. Ron literally did a one day turn-around for me as I was heading North to ride with Motochick and ATK Adam for a extended weekend. I sent it to him overnite on Monday evening, he got it on Tuesday and did all his work to my carb and sent it out Wednesday morning. I got it on Thursday morning, installed it on my bike (which was already loaded on my trailer out in the parking lot ready to head North) that afternoon. I just started it on the trailer to check for leaks and make sure it ran and then left for my weekend adventure. I had chatted with Ron quite a bit to tell him everything I could about my engine/mods. and he installed the jetting that he felt was appropriate for my situation. I ended up riding 116 miles on Friday and 100 miles on Saturday and just plonked around on Sunday at a trials meet that Motochick and her hubbie ATK Adam were participating in. I DID NOT change any of the jets/needle/needle position that Ron had set the carb up with and it ran great! A definite improvement on low end response/low speed tractability and crispness thru-out the powerband.
The craftsmanship/machine work was superb on the carb, I'm used to doing my own machinist work so am pretty AR(anal retentive for the masses) when I have to have someone do work for me. The bore size increase transistion was so smooth and the brass plate install was fantastic!! Anyway I was pleased to have something work out this well from all aspects so decided to invest my time sharing my experience by responding to this post. Ron's phone # was listed on a previous post so call him up and he will work with you! Enjoy!! CD


Mar 10, 2001
I also have the carb mod and really noticed a difference on steep, rocky, nasty uphills. Usually I would bog and stall but now this thing keeps chugging. I only have it on the 200 as the 240 is still in pieces after a normal maintanance tear down. I would highly recommend it and as far as the jetting, it is a little more touchy, but that means it is also easier to adjust for altitude and temperature changes. While on our second day of riding with Crash Doc, we both adjusted our air screws for higher altitude and they were much crisper.

Hope this helps,

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