Rear wheel


Outer bushings?? You know, the ones at the very end where the axle goes through. Do these bushing have to spin freely?
I can not remember how it was on my honda and the KTM manual does not specify.
My guess is they do, which means I have a problem. Is it a bearing?? I was attempting a tire change when I noticed it.


Bushings don't turn, the should seat and be still. The turning is for the bearings. Bushings are basically spacers. Good luck.


snaggleXR4 is correct when the wheel is mounted on the bike.
If the bushings wont turn with the wheel off the bike it is usually an indication that the wheel bearings are locked up. If I were you I'd at least check the bearings before you have even bigger troubles.:eek:

Hope this helps.
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If you pry up the seal a little bit and look where the seal rubs on the spacer you will probably find a groove in it.The stock spacers are very soft. If you feel any grinding the the bearing you better replace them now.E-Rider makes a wonderfull kit. Also premature wear on the wheel bearings on KTM's is caused by running the chain too tight. You need to have the swingarm parallel to the ground then adjust your tension.
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