Mar 26, 2001
I've got a 1983 YZ250. The rear shock has a leaky seal and almost all of the oil is gone, there is no dampening to it at all. Can you buy rebuild kit for these shocks and rebuild them yourself, of do I HAVE TO take it somewhere? Can't I just take it apart,clean it,re-assemble it with new seals , and then take it somewhere to get it recharged with nitrogen. Are there any internet sites that go throught rebuilding the shock? If I can't do it myself, how much should I expect to pay for a rebuild? Thanks for the info, I'm glad I finaly found a message board where there is some good people and info.


Feb 6, 2000
if its been leaking for a while and your still riding it there is a good chance it has ruined the body and the shaft, just like driving your car with no oil in it. no lubrication, metal on metal, not good. try this
or send it to mx-tech, maybe he can save the body with anodizing, and a rebuild.

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