Feb 13, 2001
I use refresh for a lack of another term. Anyways, I have in a pinch removed leaking fork seals and soaked in transmission stop leak for several hours then reinstalled. It seams to work and they stop leaking. Is this bad? I know it softens and swells the seals, but can it harm the fork tubes or create more drag? I learned this from my father which he did in the old days, probably didn't hurt anything back then. Any input, maybe Jeremy can help.

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'99 KTM 380sx


Dec 1, 2000
Sometime a seal will be leaking slightly and I have learned a trick that sometimes helps.Since I am in more mud and water than dust I have takin a thin business card and ran it around the inside of the fork seal with the dust wiper slid down the fork tube.Small pieces of grit can be the cause and this helps remove it.
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