May 17, 2001
I go to Reiter almost every week. I'll be in Chelan this next weekend, so I won't be up there. You said you've never been there? What have you heard about it? There are 2 main areas to park. The most popular is an open area on your left shortly after getting on Reiter Rd. It's full of rocks. I wouldn't recommend parking there. They have temporarily closed off most of the riding in that area. If you stay on the road a little farther, maybe half a mile or so, there will be a dirt road on your left entering the woods. Drive in there and keep right. You should go through a creek, and then open up to power lines. Park anywhere in there. I recommend parking up there instead because you are right in the heart of the riding area. As for terrain.... Roots and Rocks!!! and lots of them. You can E-mail me if you want more detailed instructions or if you have any other questions. Look at my photo album. The link is in my signature. I have some nice pictures from up there.



Oct 25, 1999
I can't ride Saturday. I am tentatively planning on hooking up with firecracker and possible mxp1mp at Dairland. I'll post again tomorrow if that doesn't pan out. I LOVE Reiter. It's the shiznit.
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