removing oil filter rotor on xr200


Jan 15, 2001
Does anyone have experiance removing the three phillips screws on the oil filter rotor cover? I swear honda must have drenched the screws in loctite before installing them :mad:. I've just about got to get the propane torch to remove the screws without rounding them, I just dont know if it's the right thing to do :eek:. Any advice from those with experience would really help!



Aug 22, 2000
Yea, they're really tight to start with (make sure to loctite the new ones when you re-install the thing), and they tighten up with use.

The best way I've found to remove them is with an impact driver. An air driver can work if you're good with it, but it can get ugly if you're not careful.

Don't worry, you'll ruin the screws. It's pretty rare to remove them in good condition.

Also, if you've had junk go through the engine, it's a good idea to remove the oil pump housing from the case and clean the area behind it. There's space in there where metal shavings can get stuck, then they float back out once the engine is reassembled and running. Not fun!


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