Oct 10, 2000
I have a 00 kdx 220 and i really don't know anything about suspension. The stock form of a kdx 220 suspension is supposed to be pretty unbalanced and many people recomend that i revalve and respring my suspension. I don't have a clue as to what that means. I am around 5"9 and weigh 130lbs. And whenever i seem to go over small jumps and such i will get an occasional slap on the butt when my rear tire rebounds quickly. I know i could adjust the rebound but don't want to mess with it since i don't know what i'm doing. Anyways i am getting a job this summer and i'm planning on modifing my kdx 220 and i wanted to start with what i think is the hardest part on my bike, the suspension. So what i'm really trying to say is can somone explain to me what revalve and respring is? And maybe some other suggestions as to where i could get my suspension done with a good price.And just maybe explain a little of this suspension stuff to me maybe i could do some of this on my own with the adjusters? Thanks very much


Aug 25, 2000
Mike, don't be afraid to turn the clickers, that's what they're for. Check out Jer's tuning guide at www.mxtech.com It will give you good direction on what does what. Just take note of where you started, if you make it worse, just put it back to those baseline settings (original postion).

As for respring and revalve...the spring holds you up, the valving controls the damping (controlling the movement). Your manual will show you how to set sag, and how to determine if you need stiffer of lighter springs from that setting.

The valving controls the movement of suspension (basically it keeps it from bouncing like a rubber ball). Many revalve their suspension to meet their specific needs, weight and terrain. This is kind of a "fine tuning" deal. I think you would be well served to experiment with the clickers. If you can't get what you want with the clickers, then it's time to revalve.

Keep reading posts on this forum, there is a wealth of info hear....lots to learn! This is a GREAT place to learn!

Good luck,

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