Ride Report: What chest protectors are for!


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Nov 3, 2000
Last wednesday I went out to the track and was doing fairly well. Didn't lay the bike down once. I was being video taped and later watched myself, only to find out that although I felt good, I didn't look good. For example in turns I would stick my foot out in turns sideways instead of forward towards the front wheel. :think I set out yesterday to fix all the things that were wrong. I got there all my self this time, unloaded and set out. The track was horrible there were no lines and when there was they were criss crossing each other, so I was having a difficult time. Well around lap four I was on a straightaway, no one in sight around me and somehow I hit something on my bike flew over the handlebars, landed sideways sprawled out on the track, my bike flipped over and landed on me. If you have never had a bike flip over and land on you, its a pretty powerful blow. The rear tire was on my back, and the throttle got stuck in the sand. I remember laying there in the middle of the track going geez my head hurts, and feeling my tire spinning on my back. Thank god for chest protectors. I have a nice black tire mark on my chest protector now. I don't even want to think about what that would look like without my chest protector. My face was firmly planted into a rut. I tried to do a push up and lift the bike off of me, but no luck. Another rider saw me down and immediately jumped off his bike and yelled at me not to move. He picked my bike off of me and wouldn't allow me to ride it because some throttle cable was disconnected and would cause the throttle to stick wide open. So he went and got some tools. He couldn't fix it so we flagged down this mechanic that was out on the track, we rode my bike back to the pits and my bike got fixed.

My head was hurting pretty bad, but suprizingly nothing else hurt. I sat out for a good hour and a half. During this time I got some really good riding tips. My head felt better so I went back out there. When I was riding I realized I alwasy look 15 feet in front of where I am going. So I did this entrance/exit drill when I rode. Soon as I get near the entrance I yell exit and look at the exit soon as I get near the exit, I would yell entrance and look ahead to the next entrance of the next obstacle no matter how far away it was. ect... I couldn't believe how much this improved my speed and how much smoother I was riding. My bike started going sideways on jumps so I took it to the mechanic guy and he said my suspension was really stiff,and softened up for me. It really helped. He also said to give him a call and he would help me jet my bike, set the suspension up for me, and help me change my tire before I start the Pro Circuit Series Races. Anyhow, I wanted to share my entrance/exit thing because it really helped me get over some obstacles I was afraid of, or went really slow on. I think this was the best practice I have ever had. I was focused, I know I got faster, I learned how to predict whether my bike was going to be front end high or low, so I learned to adjust my bike in the air with body position and the panic rev, I gained cornering speed and rut confidence. I also got to ride a 2002 yz 250. :cool: All I have to say is WOW! I think I'll stick with my nice 125.

I woke up this morning and where the rear tire hit my back I have a bruise and its kinda sore. My helmet has a small scratch on it now. I have a small headache, but I am almost positive I didn't suffer a concussion. If I thought I did I would have not gone back on the track. So ya... that was my wednesday afternoon.


Jul 12, 2001
wow, Blackhawk468...glad you weren't hurt! Having a bike come down on top of you REALLY HURTS! Been there, done that :)
I use a Tek Vest instead of a chest protector, since I have a nasty habit of crashing my bike quite a bit! It's more protection, but also a bit heavier and not quite as cool, which is not so much an issue here in Oregon.
It has saved me more than once.
I had kinda the same experience this weekend in the woods..I found if I looked all the way (as far as I could) up the hill, instead of right in front of me, I could actually make it and the ride was much smoother. It really helps on the track as well. When I start concentrating on the jump under my wheels, that's usually when me and the bike get all out of sorts, and bad things happen!
Glad you are ok, and congrats on making progress on the track!


Jul 21, 2001
WOW! I am also glad to hear you weren't hurt. Sounds like a pretty gnarly crash! I took a throttle lever through the ribcage when I was younger, left me with three broken ribs and a real nice scar! Would have never happened if I had been wearing a chest protector. And to think I still don't! But things are going to change this season, I'm going to invest in a good one. How are the ones by acerbis? The ones designed for women?


Jul 5, 2001
Whoa man sounds like you were lucky you had your chest protector on.:eek: I need to get one.Just need to save up a little more money.Since I am fixing to buy some new boots.:think


Mar 14, 2001
it's nice to hear you are alright. i'll never ride without one too, as we were taking photos at a jump at the local track, i left the pits without it, my girlfriend told me to put it on, but i didn't want to because i wanted the photos to show my new colorful jersey i just bought, being the whipped guy i am, i put it on. took the first jump, felt good, started riding faster and got caught in a rut in a hairpin corner, and yanked the throttle which threw me and my bike up about 5 feet, i came down first, then my bike decided to come down on me so it wouldn't hurt it self, chest protector saved me there.
but i called it quits for the day.:( a little sore but not injured. could of been worse.


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Jul 31, 2000
There was a review on the acerbis lady fusion a while back, I'll include the address, my sister was looking at one when she was thinking of getting into riding, she liked the fit I guess, but she has since lost interest in getting a bike, anyway here's the review.



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Oct 23, 2000
I have one and love it. It fits well, it looks good, it protects. The buckles are kinda weird but you get used to them. It comes off at the shoulder so you dont' have to take your helmet off if you don't want to. I would highly recommend one. Chest size isn't really an issue since I am quite lean (read: no curves) and mine fits just fine. They aren't that noticeably curved in front. They have nice shoulders and back protection too. My only complaint is the back part--it is contoured to fit against your spine, which works fine and is comfortable, but I prefer to wear my chest protector over my water system especially for races (and so everyone can see my cool id kit) but if I put it under, it makes my cp stick up and I look hunch backed. Oh well, I'll have to wear it on top.


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Feb 28, 2000
sweet id kit. :) i have the old womens acerbis one, wish i ws wearing it when i went flying, I wouldn't look so much like a spotted leopard then. They also are good for sleds, aka november harescramble with snow on the ground. crash and slide....

blackhawk good thing you were wearing it, a tire mark down the back doesn't sound like it would be to much fun. :confused:


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Oct 27, 2000
Wait a sec. I gotta know what that story was from yzeater. Please post again or email me or something.

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