Jul 16, 2006
i Have a Prob with my RM
I know this sound dum but it has a problem going up hills its a 95 Rm .I thought it was the gearing so I changed the sprockets this helped a bit but didnt fix the problem a hell of a lot.What it is is when you go up a hill climb it seems to lose power I know its a two stroke and if its not in band it does lose power.but all my frends bikes are all 125 and thay seem to be sweet.then i thought well it could be my riding right, so I tryed the same hill on my frends bikes well thay went up sweet as.I have been told by some one that he thought there was a year in the 90s with the RM that had a porting problem,Could this be the case does any one know of this problem with any bike and is there any way of getting around it.
Can I port the bike to give it a bit more torque.
Also the bikes runs fine goes really well.

Any advise would be great


Mar 25, 2007
a few things could be the problem. just make sure you're air filter is clean and oiled, your carburetor is free of dirt and well jetted, make sure your reeds arent worn out(they could still be on the first set of reeds), and make sure you have good compression.


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Apr 9, 2002
Some 125's are better than others but generally speaking climbing on a 125 is about approach speed and momentum. Do you have the bike wide open and keep it wide open as you hit your climb and then work the clutch and downshift as you lose momentum?

What gearing is on the bike now?

96 YZ 125

Jan 10, 2007
if the bike is boging, there may be something in ur carb. but wen i do hills, i hit them and keep them almost wide open w/o using the clutch


May 19, 2006
Sounds like you could be getting a little too lean or engine is a little worn. You could be getting close to a seizure if either is the case. I'd try a richer main jet. If that doesn't help, tear down the top end for inspection.
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