Sep 7, 2003
I have a 2000 RM 125. My son has started riding it around some. My concern is that he is just a little small and inexperienced for this bike. Is there anyway to tone the bike down a little? I don't know if it is even possible to do that, but my other option is to trade down for an 85cc bike. My son is about 5'6 123 lbs and 13 yrs old, any recomendations. Thanks in advance.


Sep 6, 2003
A 125 is too large for a 13yr old at 5'6. Something like a CR85 or KX100 would be a better bike for his age/size. But if he likes the 125 and is comfortable riding it, let him heep it.


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Apr 9, 2002
And I'll oppose JD-250 and state that he's too big for an 85 at 5'6" at least if it's a bike you want him to have for more than a month or two. There is not alot of difference between an 85 and a 125 power wise once you factor the weight difference between the bikes. The biggest adjustment for him would be to the heavier and taller 125 vs the 85.

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Jul 30, 2003
Well, IMO at 13 and 5'6 he is fully capable of riding a 125, but would probably have more fun on something he could learn easier, and easily manhandle and have alot more fun on, like an 85 or ideally a KX/RM 100..


Mar 30, 2002
I am 13 y/o and 5'6" and just upgraded from a '97 RM80 to a '96 KDX200. We were going to get a KX100 and port it for low-end power until I rode my dad's 220.

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Jan 27, 2000
Originally posted by fastwr
Is there anyway to tone the bike down a little? I don't know if it is even possible to do that,


There are a couple of things that you can do to tone the hit down a little. You can remove the cylinder head and add a couple of extra head gaskest. This lowers the compression ratio.

You can add a spacer between the carb slide and the top, (screw on part of the carb.) of the carb to limit full throttle. Cut a piece of aluminum tubing and place it on top of the slide. The throttle cable should go through it and the return spring goes around it. Cut the length so that it prevents the slide from going all the way to the top of the carb. Be careful to use the right size diameter so it does not interfere with the return spring and cause the throttle to stick.

As he gets better, you can shorten the spacer to give him a little more throttle. A lot of the pee wee dads use this method.

You can also gear the bike down. Put a larger rear sprocket on or a smaller front sprocket. This lowers the top speed, although it will make the bike accelerate harder.

Just my $ .02 :thumb:
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