Aug 1, 2001
District 15 doesn't have A/B/C divisions for there Vet, Senior, and Super Senior classes. I was just wondering how points will be awarded to D-15 riders that ran the Black Coal National harescramble that was run in Lynnville, IN on the 12th of Oct.

I ran Senior B at Lynnville since I was C (beginner) class last year and didn't think it would be fair to run Senior C. Will D-15 just award the points to the age classes no matter what division you ran?


2005 Lori Nyland Award Winner
Nov 12, 1999
I am not sure how they do that, but they should give the points acording to your finish. They may adjust and score all the ages accordingly, which would place you against all senior riders.

best to call or e mail d-15 HS referee


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