Jun 2, 2007
I saw a KDX200 today and i'm quite keen but was wondering if anyone could help with a couple of questions.

It smoked more than it should to start with for a 2-stroke but after a good run it did't seem so bad. The owner said he's been running it on a 5 to 1 mix and this seemed to be to much oil. Would this do any long term damage.

Also on the front wheel hub on the other side to the disc there was a plastic bit but it had black tape on it. When I pulled the tape off it was bunged with silicone sealant, I'm guessing it might of been the grease nipple. But not sure is this a problem/expensiv4e to fix.

Also the number on the top tube was JKADXNH11VA021183, can anyone tell me the age.



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Apr 9, 2002
Based on that VIN it's a 1997. I can't think of any potential long term damage from too much premix other than a huge mess to clean out in the Kips valve when it's time to rebuild.


May 23, 2007
5 to 1 would actually make the bike run very lean (as far as gas is concerned), it could cause cylinder wall and piston problems. 32 to 1 recommended. If the bike is running well and is not too much money, you will probably be fine. I am guessing what you are looking at on the hub is the odometer cable connector. Plugged is better than non-plugged because you don't want water in the bearings.

Dakota Kid

Jun 3, 2006
Smoking a lot on start up is fairly common. I have 3 KDX's and they do it all the time. They load up just from sitting and they usually take a minute and 1/4 mile run down the trail through the first couple of gears to get them cleaned out. Mine are all stock jetting and even these smoke quite a bit on the trail, not real excessive but definitely noticable. The person who had it before may have thought he was stating 5 gallons of gas to 1 quart or pint of oil.
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