selling my cr125. get a 2000 or 2001??


Jul 5, 2001
last post was off, i cant afford a 2002!! whats the difference between the 2000 and 2001....thanks! wanna buy another honda but stuck between the 2000 and 2001


May 21, 2001
What about a 250? If you really want another cr125, the 2000 is good. The differences are (as far as I know): seat cover, ignition cover...That's all I know about. You'll be able to tell a big difference in the frame width between 2k or 2k1 and your 99.
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Apr 2, 2001
i like the 2000 my bro has it and its a great bike, if you want to put some hop-u[s on it we put a pro-circuit pipe and silencer,renthal 13-50 sprockets (went down 2 teeth on the rear sprocket), if you aLSO would like to increase low-end which it doenst have stock, u might want to get a moto tassinari reed valve with reeds that will boost it up


Aug 6, 2000
To answer your question,the 2000 was basically all new.It has almost
nothing in common with the 1999.The 2001 is basically the same bike as the
2000 model,with very minor changes.Mostly just little tweaks here and there.
I just bought a 2000 CR125r and I love it.If you want more bottom end,do
as I did and get a front and rear pipe,and go UP a tooth or two on the front
and rear sprocket.That's all I did to the bike and trust me there is plenty of
bottom end power.That is a bunch of crap about the bike having no low end.
I ride with guys with 250's,300's,426's and I keep up just fine.And the bike
is and feels so light.It handles fantastic,and the fit and finish are #1.
Get the 2000!


Nov 14, 2000
The only difference between the '00 & '01 is the '01 has the 7mm longer fork tubes for running the 20" front tire. The '01 has the stiffer fork springs .42's to 43's. The jetting on the '00 isn't as bad stock as the '01's was Both bikes are great. If you want a pipe & silencers for it let me know I have an FMF sst power core and turbine core for it in excellent condition works on '00 &'01's. Need any help jetting an '01 let me know I just owned one. The stock jetting really screws up the power band.

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