Shock spring installation question


Mar 1, 2000

I'm changing the springs out in my '96 RM250, and I was looking for some advice. The Racetech shock spring I bought came with a chrome collar that fits in one end of the spring (there appears to be some taper to the spring because one end of the spring is too small for the collar to fit inside). Here's the deal - the narrow end of the spring won't fit over the preload adjuster on the shock body. Turning the spring around, I found that the wide end won't fit over the preload adjusters if the collar was in place. So right now, I've installed the spring wide end up without the collar (left it off completely). This seems to be the only way it will fit on the shock.

BTW, the stock spring appears to have a similar taper to the Racetech spring, and it looks like it was on the same way I have the new spring. The thing that has me confused is that there is some writing on the spring, and the way I have it installed, the writing is upside down :think

Another thought I've had is that the collar may be a replacement for the stock spring seat (the part at the bottom of the shock that holds the spring on). The two parts are pretty similar. However, the stock part is a lot beefier than what came with the new spring. For now, I've put it back together using the stock spring seat.

Could anyone provide some guidance about whether I've installed the spring correctly or messed it up?

Thanks for any input,

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