Showa fork and Works shock for XR 100?

Honda Rippin'

Feb 19, 2001
Hey guys! I have a bit of a dilema. I'm starting to really go after that big air on my jump and my suspension is killing me. I had the idea of putting a bigger, better fork on my XR 100 and a bigger and better mono-shock for my rear suspension. I was looking at Pro Circuit's products also so I am kind of flexible as to what brand is possible. I'm pretty sure my bike is completely stock, I bought it from somebody else but I never added anything to it. I want to jack the bike up to make it look sort of like a CR 80 in a way, I want to get more clearence between my tire and fender as compared to stock. My fork might be a little tougher but if I have to, I can buy a new triple clamp, bars, and whatever else IF I have to. What do you think about this guys? I would like to get a completely new bike and I know that would probably be better off but I like the bike so much and can't seem to find a bike that fit's me. Thanks guys!

P.S. I can sit on the bike flat-footed with both feet touching the ground (that might help
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