silencer end cap

Mar 10, 2003
This may be a stupid question, but I've searched the threads and came up with conflicting theories. I'm repacking my FMF Turbine Core II silencer and per the FMF instructions "...Do not remove the rear endcap..." I've read that some people drill out the rivets to clean the end cap out and repack, but according to others (and apparently FMF) there is no need to fuss with the end cap. FMF doesn't mention the end cap packing at all in their silencer instructions. It looks like there is packing around the end cap that could/should be replaced; or is it just sufficient to replace the main packing around the perforated core and go on my merry way? I've opened everything up and ready to reassemble (minus fussing with the end cap), so I thought I'd ask before I button it all up. Does this end cap packing need replacing? Thoughts? Ideas? Additional theories?

BTW for what it's worth, this is on a 2000 KDX200.
Thanks in advance.