i took my 07 crf 250r to a motocross race a few days ago. On the third practice lap i tipped it over in the whoops, no big deal right. i pushed it back to the pits and when i started the bike it started smoking, smelled like it was buring oil. What would have caused this with just a simple tip over???


May 10, 2007
Oil flows from the valve cover into the air box. Look above the airbox under the seat on the left side of the bike, theres a hose with a couple clamps. The oil makes it's way through this hose and causes your smoking. Also look at the pink hose that routes down the back side of the engine, there's probly a fair amount of oil in there. Just pop the plug out of the end and let it drain out. I've been through this drill MANY times with mine! I guess if I kept the rubber side down I wouldn't have to worry about it :laugh: .