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Mar 3, 2000
I have been tuning my 2000 CR125 to get the jetting as good as it can. I have used the ride and feel method as well as reading the plug. The bike runs and responds great (especially with the 133 kit Eric did -- Thanks Eric ). A 195 pound guy pulling holeshots on a 125 against the big bikes - got to love it.

Anyway, when I check the plug, the electrode is dry and has a nice, even, grey coloring. Maybe a little on the tan side. It appears to be just as it should. But, the bottom of the threads seems to be wet and building up carbon spooge, only on the bottom and the outside -- not the inside.

I am using a BR9EG plug with VP-C12 race fuel at 32:1. My jetting (if it matters) is:

37.5 pilot
360 main
2nd clip
1.5 air screw
about 700ft (western pa)

Like I said, this may be normal, I just want to confirm with the experts.


Dave:) :)
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