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Nov 10, 2000
What a wild season! Last week the Travis and RC "incident" and now we have the LaRacco and Travis on and off the track confrontation...

Oh yeah, Chad Reed is for real.

250 CC Main Event
pos num name bike laps interval best lap time
1 4 Ricky Carmichael HON 20 48.917
2 24 Ernesto Fonseca HON 20 4.512 49.486
3 12 David Vuillemin YAM 20 10.546 49.849
4 21 Stephane Roncada KAW 20 13.795 49.645
5 11 Ezra Lusk KAW 20 16.860 49.305
6 2 Jeremy McGrath YAM 20 18.086 49.243
7 14 Kevin Windham SUZ 20 24.369 49.888
8 13 Sebastien Tortelli HON 20 28.232 49.582
9 49 Keith Johnson YAM 20 34.179 50.998
10 41 Heath Voss HON 20 35.769 51.273
11 20 Damon Huffman SUZ 20 36.871 51.033
12 26 Nicholas Wey YAM 20 38.245 50.557
13 23 Kyle Lewis HON 19 - 1 lap - 51.426
14 247 Tyler Evans HUS 19 30.244 52.520
15 275 Jeff Gibson YAM 19 44.517 52.852
16 194 Jimmy Wilson YAM 19 47.372 53.386
17 25 Nathan Ramsey HON 14 - 6 laps - 49.320
18 17 Robbie Reynard HON 11 - 9 laps - 50.919
19 199 Travis Pastrana SUZ 7 - 13 laps - 49.037
20 5 Mike LaRocco HON 5 - 15 laps - 49.580

125 CC Main Event
pos num name bike laps interval best lap time
1 103 Chad Reed YAM 15 50.862
2 111 Grant Langston KTM 15 10.369 51.570
3 36 Steve Boniface KTM 15 11.268 51.635
4 3 Michael Brown KAW 15 15.413 51.992
5 10 Larry Ward YAM 15 16.169 52.247
6 34 Kelly Smith YAM 15 17.453 52.217
7 33 Greg Schnell YAM 15 23.678 52.207
8 62 Joshua Woods SUZ 15 27.234 52.103
9 355 Robbie Horton HON 15 31.877 52.487
10 100 Buddy Antunez SUZ 15 46.492 53.554
11 54 Ryan Clark YAM 15 47.853 52.886
12 231 Tyson Hadsell YAM 15 54.343 54.062
13 38 Keith Johnson YAM 14 - 1 lap - 54.407
14 120 Steve Mertens HUS 14 2.913 52.901
15 275 Jeff Gibson YAM 14 5.314 53.528
16 921 Daniel Blair YAM 14 10.067 54.006
17 16 John Dowd KTM 14 11.655 52.827
18 28 Branden Jesseman SUZ 14 24.740 53.261
19 482 Michael Blose SUZ 14 25.895 54.594
20 69 Andrew Short SUZ 14 27.744 52.769
21 255 Chase Reed YAM 14 32.654 55.424
22 139 Jacob Martin YAM 2 - 13 laps - 54.665


Nov 10, 2000
"The Confrontation"

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Nov 10, 2000
I guess there was a section that Laracco had been tripling all night. On lap 5 LaRocco doubled and Travis landed on him. Larocco broke his wrist in the crash. A lap later Travis crashed again and this time he was out of the race. Well, the Rock was not happy and tracked Travis down and gave him a piece of his mind... :eek:


Oct 7, 1999
Sounds like (from what I've read on some SX sites), it wasn't TP's fault, but LaRocco lost his temper with him anyhow.

Anybody see this who can offer a more informed opinion, though?


Jul 5, 2000
The way I see it, last week it wasn't RC's fault, but a bunch of morron's in Indy booed him for a racin incident. I wonder if the poeple booed Travis for the racin incident with Mike?


Nov 17, 2000
In LaRaccos defense, he got taken out in his heat, had to run the qaulifier, Not a great night for the LaRock! I did not see the incident that actualy was right below me, but I hear from the peo[ple around me that larock hit the melt point:ugg: To bad because he is a class act, I think that the way his night was going, I guess I am not going to condem him for it right or wrong. Guess I will wait for the Rest of the Story,...........good day


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Jan 1, 2001
I was just sitting here with mini127 discusing the TP-Rock get together. He says what he saw was travis do the double at the end of the woops and go wide left, then rails the berm and shoot back across the corner. Rocky rolled the double to take the inside line. They played chicken as many other riders did this same thing all night long. Since neither was chicken, they hit. I saw Boniface hit and almost take down Langston in this same manner. Langston backed off for a bunch of laps, then passed Boniface some where else
I didnt see it happen either, so I'm interested in seeing this on TV.:silly:


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Dec 26, 1999
Walt That is real close to what the kid described. Unfortunately I had moved down to get some shots of MC running up front and was watching him thru the viewfinder when I look over 30 feet to my right and Larocco is sitting on the tuffblock and TP is riding away.

It really was a great night of racing- watching MC running down and passing 2 riders for the lead then actually holding the lead til he did the 360 turn in a 90 degree corner:confused: .
The 125 main was also great watching Dowd fight all the up to 4th(?) only to get taken out. Almost thought Patman was going to have kittens if KTM could have pulled off 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for the night. Reed is fast and I can't wait to see the Reed/Stewart matchup in Vegas.


Jul 12, 2000
I really expected to see Travis win a 250 main this year, but as the weeks go by I'm noticing a trend, he just can't stay off the ground and out of trouble. Look at last years Nationals, you could almost guarantee he was gonna eat it, it was just a matter of when. When(if?) Travis figures out how to gain some control he'll be a title threat, but not now. If based on what I've read on the incident with Larocco is accurate, I think Mike had a right to be steamed. Travis is more than a bit out of control at times and this time instead of taking just himself out he took out Mike too. A wrist injury can be really serious, look at Rick Johnson, hopefully Mike is able to make a full recovery, hasn't Mike had wrist troubles in the past as well? I really wouldn't want to be Travis in this situation, he has to feel a bit like crap, plus Mike is the type of guy who might just slam you down when he gets the chance. I'll wait to watch the race before I totally pass judgement on Travis, but I think everyone can agree he needs to calm it down a bit.


Jun 19, 2000
From what I've read about it (waiting to see it), my first impression is it's another "That's Racing" without all the boos.
If you remember, this isn't the first time that TP and Rock have had contact that left Mike furious about it. Last year at StL SX, when TP was trying to Iron Man it, they bumped in the air over the triple in the first lap of the 250 heat. When that race was over, Mike didn't look real happy then either.:eek:

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Mar 31, 2001
I think Travis "looks wild" because he crashes every weekend. It is so funny how people just over look the fact that he may have ended Larocco's long career. Travis is a hazard week after week but he is a nice guy so thats OK.


Jan 10, 2000
I think Travis "looks wild" because he crashes every weekend. It is so funny how people just over look the fact that he may have ended Larocco's long career. Travis is a hazard week after week but he is a nice guy so thats OK.
Thats what i am begining to think. he should have stayed on the 125's another year.


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May 5, 2000
A lot of guys crash a lot, but you don't notice 'cause they're not at the front of the pack. Lusk comes to mind. :)

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