Jul 6, 2001
im 16 5'6 and 135pds and ride a bone stock 97cr250 novice,am i to light for the stock springs?could i get my susp revalved and not chance the springs?if so wut wood be cheeper/better softer springs or revalved susp?also when i sit on my bike with full gear it sinks down about a inch


Jan 17, 2001
Are you sure??? Only an inch? I bet if you had someone help you measure the sag correctly I'd bet it would squat more than that. Extend it all the way up, then measure, and sitting then remeasure.

If after that you are getting less than 100mm loosen the spring a little. After you get 100mm, check the sag without you on the bike. Measure it all the way up and then bounce the rear end a little and remeasure it with the bike standing up supporting its own weight. If you get more than say 25-30mm then your spring is too stiff.

Remeasure and set the sag, then get back to us.

BTW I'd expect it to sag only about an inch if you weighed about say.....10 pounds. 135 is light, but not that light.

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