May 15, 2001
I am wondering what replacement headlight you would recomend? I am looking at the Acerbis DHH (dual beam) dual 35 watt bulbs. Will a KDX lighting coil put out enough output to fully light these up? If not where can i get my stator rewound? Will the dual beam headlight be enough for some casual night riding?


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May 3, 2000
Your stock system will not adequately power 2 x 35 watt lamps. Rewinding the stator is apparently pretty easy and you could attempt it yourself with a little research and preparation. Many places probably have the expertise to do the job, but I know baja designs mentions the service on their web page

Not sure about the dual beam set up, but if you can get 70 watts to the headlamp, that should be fine (better than most dual sport bikes) for casual night riding. You might be able to find a high wattage bulb that fits your stock headlight, saving you some $.

UFO has some good units as well. I have an older 'Ghibli' model with a single 80 watt blue halogen bulb- works pretty good, vastly better than a stock KDX lamp.
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Oct 14, 1999
The acerbis dual light system has different angles of lamps..or is that the UFO? Anyway, one is a spot, and one is a wide angle.

Stock lighting coil will run about 45 watts.

Sure, you can rewind it yourself. Know where to get transformer wire? What guage? How many wraps? There's soldering involved (not everyone has soldering stuff).

If you DO replace the coil...make sure that you get the flywheel back on right!! If it's not tight enough, you'll eat the woodruff key..of course miles and miles from your ride home!
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