Jun 5, 2001
Need some help here folks! My buddy just bought a 2001 XR650R. He is just getting back into riding so he doesn't need much more power just yet. The big thing "bugging" him right now is the exhaust note. We are all for quiet bikes, but I can understand his disposition in this case as the bike does sound like, well, a wuss!! Anyway, can anyone give some input on uncorking the exhaust on this thing? A little extra hp wouldn't hurt anything, but I don't think he's ready for the full "uncorking" (intake, etc.)!!

Is there a baffle in these things that is easy to remove? i.e. - Do you have to permantly "modify" anything or is there simply a removable baffle? Also, will this make the bike horribly loud or just give some extra bark? Any info is appreciated as I am not real familiar with these bikes. Thanks again!! Isn't technology great - people helping people!! :cool:


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Feb 19, 2000
Honda sells a "full power" baffle replacement that gives the bike a more throaty tone. you can drill holes in the stocker but it is kind of mickey mouse. Replacing the baffle also allows the bike to run cooler, since the exhaust heat is not bottled up by the restrictive stock baffle. If you take the baffle completely out, all you get is a lot more noise and angry stares from your neighbors, and unwanted attention from the local authorities.:eek:


Mar 22, 2000
While this isn't a direct answer to your question, I would recommend the "full uncorking" - ie: the intake, airbox, jetting and comp. exhaust insert. It does change the note a bit but it also changes the performance substantially. More important to your friend (as stated above) - it runs MUCH cooler. A beginner on the 650 will tend to ride it slower than norm thus causing a real opportunity for overheating problems.

Be sure to have him check the right footpeg for appropriate washers (the dealer should know) and to loctite the kick statrter bolt before it falls off.


Mar 15, 2000
definately do the intake, airbox, and jetting fixes. Bike should not be ridden without these fixes.

Exhaust - lots of different mods avail. Cheapest involves a 2" hole saw and 10 minutes and a cordless drill.

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