Feb 9, 2001
I'm planning to inspect and lube the swing arm bolt/bearings and linkage bearings on my 96 KDX200. The swingarm bolt seems to be stuck.

Does anybody have any tips on how to get the bolt out without a massive struggle?

Also, any tips on changing the crank seals?



David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Nope if it decides it wants to be a struggle then you will struggle.

To help take the weight off the sw wheel etc so you are not fighting a sheer force on the bolt. You will have to prop the frame up decently then. A bit of heat & a decent drift is your lot. I had a friend who had to resort to throwing the frame in a press at work to get his out but he’s a mech engineer & is prone to that sort of thing. Won’t have bothered on a 1970 DT if I were him either. Have heard of people using timber so steady the bike against a wall & a jack against another wall but this sounds kinda silly.

Crank seals are easy, assume you have a manwell? only suggestion is freeze the mains & heat the cases on reinstallation, then add the seals once heat is dropped a bit.


Mod Ban
Dec 10, 2000
If the swingarm bolt really wants to be stubborn, only force is going to get it out. Be prepared to buy a new one after you remove it.


Feb 9, 2001

Thanks for your advice. Basic laziness always has me looking for the easy way. Mr. Brute Force and I are old friends but I don't like to call him in if there is an alternative.

I'll start with the pneumatic impact wrench and see if it can be loosened a bit first before we get the heater/beater or press going.

Huskyboy - Antiseize for the reinstall is a good idea, plus it's fun getting it all over everything else!

David - The wood, jack, and two walls method sounds a little gonzo but I'd like to get a film of that for entertainment.   But, for sure you're correct to remove the shearing forces (put on the shaft by the spring loaded linkage) to get it to slide sideways.

Yep, I do have the manual for the bike.

Thanks again all, sounds lke the force will have to be with me.

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