May 24, 2001
I just got this bike, I ride mostly hare scrambles in the north east. I'm looking for any info on the best way to set up my suspension. Also if there is a good sites or articles that explain how the rebound, damping and spring setting work. Thanks


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Jan 29, 2001
I own a 2001 KX250 as well. I ride MX in the "C" class level which is obviously different than offroad, but here are the settings that I use. I am 5'6" at 185.

I use the stock springs front and rear.

FORKS: Two clicks out (softer) from stock on compression. rebound is stock.

SHOCK: 2 clicks out (softer) from stock on the low speed compression and 1/4 turn out from stock (softer) on the high speed compression. I have my rear sag set at 4 inches. Rebound is stock.

You are probably a different size and riding style. I am short and have no style. :D But for most from what I understand, the stock setup is pretty good. You just need to play with the settings. Or maybe you could give us a little more info like height and weight and class you ride, and maybe more specific settings could be provided. Either way, hope this helps.



Dec 30, 2000
Front .42 with 5mm of preload, oil set at 100mm comp 13, reb 10
Rear stk (5.2) or a 5.3, sag set at 100mm, comp 12, reb 10

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