Jun 21, 2000
I just got this bike, I weigh 185 LBs. I remember one of the Dirt Mags posting a article on some general settings for the suspension, I ride alot of motocross (Just for Fun). Is the spring stiff enough & does anyone have some ball Park settings for the clickers,etc.


Aug 25, 2000
Set your sag, then check your "free sag", as shown in your manual. It will give you an indication if your spring is too light, ot too heavy. As far as settings go, that is a very personal issue, for you, your style and track conditions. Don't but into the "hot setup". Set it up for you and you will be much happier, and from what I've seen the stock settings are a good starting point.

Check out www.mxtech.com for Jer's tuning guide, it is very helpfull.

Good luck

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