Mar 16, 2007
this is just a general question I guess. it seems to me that if you are a novice you should not waste your time adjusting your suspension because its probably expensive and suspension settings are based on your riding style experience. so if you are a suck novice than its really not worth the money. but if you are a pro or something than yeah you would want them set up to your riding style properly


Aug 21, 2005
I though that I have throw a response your way here, but I don't see it.

As a novice, do you feel that you have the skills to compensate for a bad suspension setup? While the pros are trying to squeeze every bit of performance out of their bikes, and need the valving that suits there riding style, a novice needs to make sure that the sag is set right, the clickers are at least balanced so you don't fly funny, the spring rates are correct for weight, and ther fork oil is at the right level. The valving is probably just gravy for a novice. That's my D rider opinion and I'm sticking to it.


May 10, 2007
FruDaddy said:
I though that I have throw a response your way here, but I don't see it.

That happens alot.
Hubert, if you are referring to your 94, it could probly use a suspension service. Not necessarily a revalve or anything, but new fluids, bushings, seals, the shock may need a recharge. I feel that a novice rider would benefit more from suspension mods than a person who is racing. If the suspesion setup is off the bike will be much harder to control. As a novice rider, it would be harder to compensate for a bad setup, as Fru said. Also take his advice and make sure your sag is set correctly and the oil levels are ok. Check the nitrogen pressure(make sure to use a high pressure guage) as well. Hope this helps. :cool:
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