Taller/Larger Rider Looking at KTM/GG


Jul 14, 2000
I'm seriously looking at either a GG300 or a KTM300. I've read a number of posts that state the GG works better for smaller riders. I'm 6'2", 230lbs. My question is not about performance. Both bikes are truly great. My question is about ergonomics. Which one is the best fit for a larger rider? I've ridden the KTM and it felt good. I've not ridden the GG.


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Oct 13, 1999
At 6'2" I find the GG fits me just fine. It's just as comfortable as the KDX I used to ride or the KTM200's I've also ridden. Mine still has the stock Hebo bars, the only change I made was to reverse the bar clamps moving them to the forward position. I will probably get the high seat foam next time I replace the seat cover.


Jan 24, 2000
my opinion is that the KTM 250/300/380 is more accomodating to the rider over 6' and the Gas Gas 200/250/300 is very good for riders under 6'.:)


Nov 8, 1999
You really don't even need to ride the bikes to sort this one out. Just go sit and move around on both. There is a definite difference. You will be able to decide which is more 'you'.

O.K. gasgas guys, how's that for neutrality? Kinda' like AUSTRIA in WWII.


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Mar 7, 2000
TexXR- A mule for a pumpkin. What will you think of next? Still thinking about getting Marks 300? Both KTM & GG are excellent bikes but something to ponder. Brian Storrie is the only GG dealer around, whereas you have Tripp and CTS for KTM's. However, since you live way-over-yunder it probably won't matter.


Jul 14, 2000
A mule for a pumpkin....call me Cinderella. Do you think if I clicked my heels together three times my mule might turn into a pumpkin?

Yes, I'm looking real hard at Mark's bike, maybe sooner than I expected. The reason I'm considering the GG is what I saw up at Train Robbers. The GG's have a real presence in the SERA races, and for good reason. It's got to be the bike....you SERA guys can't be that fast ;)

From what I've read, the GG300 has more my type of power...low end and tractor like. Mark's KTM can scare the bejeepers out of you if it lights up and you happen to have it pointed in the wrong direction...like at a tree, but it rules out in the West Texas enduros.


Jun 6, 2000
I know a tall guy with a GG EC300. All he did was make spacers to go under the stock bar mounts and raise the stock bars about 1/2", thats it. Tall seat foam is also available, but he runs the stock seat. Its a personal thing, you have to try each for yourself. The smaller frame also comes with exceptional steering, if thats important in your type of riding. It can be an advantage in technical terrain despite your size.


Dec 3, 2000
Tex XR,

I don't know for sure what you ride now so I can't give you a direct comparison. However, I went from a '99 WZ400F (YZ timed WR) to a '01 GasGas 300XC.

Ergonomics wise, both bikes needed higher bars for me at 6'. I use Renthal Jimmy Button high bars rotated forward. Now when standing the GasGas layout is great. For the most part I stand so it suits me fine. For the occaisional sitting, the seat is a little low, but with the slim feel of the GasGas it is stilll easy to move around on and nothing gets in the way while cornering. On the plus side a low seat helps when I get into those tough spots on the trail where I want to touch the ground.

Power is awesome - the GasGas power delivery is amazing. Want tractor power for mud and slime - stay a gear high. Want snap and acceleration - rev it little more before you shift. If you want even more snap on the 300 remove the reed block spacer. The XC has a lighter lighting coil so it has less flywheel than the EC. The best part is that it is so versatile and smooth. Just remember putting the power to the ground is what makes the machine move forward - and the GasGas does it very well.

Handling on the GasGas is a dream - responsive, quick turning and very forgiving. Many times on the GasGas I thought a crash was impending based on my WZ experience only to be pleasantly surprise with only a minor bobble and continued forward progress.

You rarely hear of a dissatisifed GasGas owner.

Eric K
'01 GasGas 300XC

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