Aug 27, 2003
what should i expect from my 9 litre fuel tank on my 125cc? i had to put it on reserve after just 66 miles of road riding. What tips can you give for cleaning the gunge from my silencer that does not appear to have a drain hole. Thanks for any replies.


Oct 14, 1999
You won't find many 125cc riders in the states to compare your bike to.

In any case, comparison is a waste of time, as riding conditions and rider style vary too much to be of any value.

After properly jetting your bike, what you can expect to get range-wise is......what you get.

If your SA is oem and it's the welded construction of the 200/220s in the states, there isn't any disassy/cleaning to be done.

If yours is aftermarket...take it apart, repack it, use a wire brush and/or decarbonizing cleaner to remove the gunk from the insert and arrester screen.

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