Feb 22, 2001

On behalf of Marv, Duane and myself we would like to thank you for taking the time to ride with us Friday. For the first ride of the year we could not ask for anymore, well except the pain we felt the next day. The area you took us to was great and we will difinitely be going back, after we go to Maclean Creek or Whipers. You will have to join us or grab the family and head up to the Fort, for a weekend of muskeg riding, free room and board.

Again, thanks Dave.

Talk to you soon,



Sep 21, 2000
Hey Canadian Dave,
Now that the season is underway I was wondering if you had any info on this place you ride at that is I believe north of Redwater. We have been out to Redwater about 4 times already and to the opening Wed. night AOTMX practice. Another local hotspot or close track would be great. Thanks again and perhaps we will see you out there.

90-RMX 250
Formula Ford

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
Thank you very much for inviting me Chad. I don't ride alone so if you guys hadn't invited me along I would have been skunked for the weekend.

After riding your bike I'd install BR7ES plug and do another plug reading at WOT to double check your main. I'd also try a 45 pilot for now and retune with the airscrew and see if that doesn't help the flat spot at low throttle setting. It should jump to life faster than it does. The next time we go out I'll bring along an extra 35mm carb etc if you want to do some playing.

Formula drop me an email. Its right across the river from RW.

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