The burning desire to ride finally wins...


Mar 15, 2001
I rode my moms Sportster today.:) I swore off Harleys quite a while ago. But Ive been waiting almost 3 monthes to ride my dirtbike after breaking the stator and rotor and rebuilding. So I couldnt resist.

It was a blast! I dont know if it was the Harley, or just getting to ride a motorcycle for the first time in 2.5 monthes!:confused: But I still think im gonna get a buell. Theres just somethin about the new firebolt!

The engine braking was kind of weird, since its the first 4-stroke Ive ever ridden, but I got the hang of it! Other than that, it was about the same as my dirtbike. Hey, I said ABOUT tht same! Not the same, they were quite different actually, but the same basic concept.:)

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