May 9, 2007
I posted this over at ADV

Well, I popped my trail riding cherry...and let me tell you...this is the best. Here was my day:
Church 1000-1130
Pack for ride 1145-1245
At Rampart 1330
Rain at 1400
Sun at 1430
Rain at 1630
Back in 4runner at 1800

Long version:
It was time to get the ol' KDX out for her first ride. I had bought her from a local for maybe more than I should of-but the guy was knowledgable about bikes and loved dirt riding. Additions Replacements:

Front Brake line
Skid Plate
12T front sprocket
Dot 5 Fluid
Fluid changes throughout (shell Rotella Synthetc)

Well off I went today with the 4runner and KDX. I had been up Dakan road with the 4runner and thought it a good idea to land at the North Entrance. Little did I know that a twisty steep section lay between Parker Colorado and Rampart. Well after crawling the pass (remember, this is a 4runner) I found the entrance and the ****tiest left turn on the planet. I imagined a Harley nailing my trailer as a pulled in...well no one did.

On my way up, I noticed a fair number of bikes coming down. Pansies! I thought. Well little did I know a weather system was coming in. Oh wait, this is Colorado. A weather system is always coming in.

I disembarked about a mile up the road figuring less looky lous messing with my stuff (high dollar Harbor Tool trailer) with all the expensive stuff around.

So after throwing on more gear than most folks around me were wearing as I have crashed enough to know what pain is, off I was. Of course hitting the powerlines easy roads. To be honest, I was intrepid, scared and unsure of what I was getting into. It seemed like everyone was watching me, critiqing me, my old bike etc. The truth was, they were not. Then I got to looking around at my fellow OHV'ers noting some things that make you go hmm....

-ATV riders riding larger than 48" ATVS on the trails
-ATV riders wearing the new and upcoming gear of t-shir, jeans and Tennis -shoes with no helmet riding powerlines
-Dirt riders hauling passengers (where are those passenger pegs?) with no helmet with passenger wearing helmet
-Female riders wearing shirts that expose large tracts of land! Wow, gonna love those rasberries!
-Dirt bike ride tearing up and down Rampart road with a loud (and I mean loud) pipe and no plate. Now seriously, this is Colorado. I could get my lawnmower lincensed and you can't get an old DR licensed? Geeze. Why don't you go out and ride accross some enriro's lawn?
-A fair amount of illegal trails
-A fair amount of illegal trails with two ruts spaced about 2 feet apart.
-The map leaves much to be desired.
-The signs leave much to be desired
-Where is the single track? ;)

On the positive side:
-Nobody was out there. And I mean nobody.
-Trail 279 is awesome! Thank you RRMC!
-The weather is ever changing. Bring a jacket in the afternoon.
-I like 48' in trails most of the time as they keep me from trees :)
-I have a all roads are open to me!
-Folks let me pass on Rampart road. Thank you!
-The rocky mountains are beautiful!
-The trails are retively clean and though out
-Riding off road is the best thing since sliced bread. :)
-A 4runner with working heat is a wonderful thing!

My goal today was to ride from the North entrance, down to lookout (Dakan Road and 503 interchange) and back. Little did I know how far that actually was. Since the map lacks scale or distance (or certain trail numbers) it was sort of tricky getting down there. Of course, in the process it started raining and I had failed to bring my jacket along. A stupid move on my part. Anyhow, I did find the overlook just as the rain was really picking up.

I knew that with the rain and my deterioating situation and the fact it was getting dark, I needed the easiest route back to camp. Dakan road to Rampart it was or so I thought. Somehow I took the wrong route and ended up heading North instead of south. Anyhow, I made it back more or less 20 minutes later of fast, high speed riding. I am so glad to have a plate. The high speed was actually fun.

Towards the middle of the ride back, the rain quit and the cold moved in which was a nice combo with my wet shirt. Luckily I had my first gear pants on which kept my bottom half dry. Tomorrow, I will make sure to have the jacket on the bike at all times.

So all in all, it was a blast. I will head back tomorrow to cross the park in the other direction. That way, when the poker run comes around, I won't be a total noob. Sorry, no pictures. To busy riding. :)


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Nov 25, 1999
Nice report. I'm planning to go to CO in October. Haven't made exact distination plans as of yet.


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Nov 25, 1999
I'll know more in a week or two.
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