There has got to be a better way?


Jun 13, 2000
There's got to be a better way???

Just to give a little background information…Last weekend I did some serious riding on class-A Enduro trails. Since, I'm a B-Class rider…I had a tough time negotiating the hills. The hilly trails were narrow, rocky and root infested.

I did manage to get up all the hills. But, I had a hard time. My form probable was a sight to see. I sat with my ass on the seat with my legs out for balance and pushing.

There's got to be a better way to climb single track, root infested Class-A hills. Please help.

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Mar 6, 2001
You just have to try to always stand up. When you sit you tend to bounce off of objects rather then rolling over them. Keep the front tire light when approaching the objects and always have plenty of momentum prior to hitting th hill.

I only sit when the hill I'm climbing has good traction and is so steep that you will loopout if you stand.

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May 11, 2000
around here novice C B A and pro A run the
same course one thing i have learn is dont
have any douts about the hill just go for
it or you or you wont have as good of a chance of making it up the hill but other
than ride tougher hills to buil your skills

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